Sell API 5CT Casing SMLS/ ERW

Sell API 5CT Casing SMLS/ ERW

We are a professional distributor of oilfield equipment, especially in OCTG such as API drill rig, work over rig, mud pump, casing, tubing, coupling, pup joints, line pipe, sucker rod, pony, polish rod, drill pipe, drill collar and drilling rig, work over rig, mud pump, fishing tools, swabbing tools and so on in China, we can provide you above products with high quality, competitive price, shorter delivery and tailored services. We can also serve as your procurement agent in China.

The API 5CT casing we provide are

OD: 4-1/2, 5, 5-1/2, 6-5/8, 7, 7 5/8, 8-5/8, 9-5/8, 10-3/4, 13-3/8, 16, 18 5/8, 20 inches

Grade: H40, J55, K55, L80, N80, C90, T95 and P110

Connection: STC, LTC, BTC, flush joint, premium connection

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Company: Landdrill Oilfield Supply Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Sophia Hu
Tel: +86-546-8300217
Fax: +86-546-8300078

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Company Name:  Dongying landdrill Oilfield Supply Co.,Ltd
Contact Person:  Sophia Hu
Address:  No 75 Fuqian Street
Zip:  257091
Telephone:  +86-546-8300217
Fax:  +86-546-8300078

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